Find the Best Deals of the Week in the Supa IGA Catalogue

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Many mothers and fathers often feel like unsung heroes when it comes to cutting down on home expenses and taking advantage of sales where available so there’s more money left over for other things. Well this is where our shopping tool allows you to take control of your budget and help you get the recognition you deserve at home for lowering your costs. What is this miracle tool you ask? It’s mySavvy Shopper’s online IGA supermarket catalogue, which does all of the legwork for you so you can browse through all of the best deals of that week. Whilst we are not affiliated with IGA, we are able to show many of their sales which are not advertised in the normal catalogue. 

Create your list of favourites so we can notify you of specials before your IGA supermarket catalogue

No more waiting for the IGA catalogue in the mail, no more outdated specials, or misleading ads. Our virtual marketplace keeps you up to date with real-time information so you know exactly what’s on sale and when. Craft your very own favourites list and we’ll notify you when that product, or a similar item, goes on sale. This way, you’ll be the first to know and won’t have to contend with limited stock or other sales-hungry shoppers.

Compare supermarkets to find the catalogue which offers you the best savings

Browse through our Woolworths, Coles and Supa IGA catalogues and add the deals that interest you to your shopping list. Once you’ve gathered all of the specials matching your needs, you’ll be able to compare which supermarket is saving you the most that week. Never before have shoppers had more access or control to such a comprehensive and immediate source of deal related information.

Signing up is easy, all you have to do is quickly create an account or sign in with Facebook and you’re ready to begin deal hunting! Make sure to always take a look at our blogs for some helpful tips on how to save more on your groceries.

Non catalogue specials

Don't forget to find the deals in IGA that are not in the catalogue this week. Our mySavvy Find Team goes out every week to scout for worthwhile deals that you should know about.