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Deals can often feel like a mystical unicorn. They’re there for a fleeting moment and they miraculously vanish into thin air the next week. You feel so accomplished for catching one the first time round, but repeating the process is often impossible. Well, now shoppers have access to a secret weapon that makes hunting those deals easier than ever. We put all catalogues in one place, the Coles catalogue, the Woolworths catalogue and the IGA catalogue. Our online supermarket catalogues shoulders all of the research for you and presents you with all the specials related information you need to help you save.

Take control of your shopping budget and gain the recognition you deserve from your partner as you cut down on household costs and consistently save money for the family.  We are an impartial third-party service with no affiliation to any supermarkets, meaning we continually bring you current and unbiased deals which aren’t even advertised in the regular coles cataloguet, the Woolworths catalogue or the IGA catalogue.

Pick your favourite Coles deals from our Coles catalogue and remain in the loop

How does this mysterious online Coles catalogue work you ask? Well it’s simple. All you have to do is sign up or log in using your Facebook account, and you can begin browsing all of the sales in our online Coles catalogue. Find the deals you like the most and then add them to your favourites list. Once you have your complete list of favourites, we will notify you as soon as that particular item, or one similar to it, goes on special. This way, you can plan your shopping requirements accordingly and time things to maximise your savings.

Learn about exclusive weekly specials from Coles catalogues and other supermarkets

The best feature of our online supermarket catalogues is their ability to uncover exclusive deals from Coles, Woolworths and IGA. Learn of specials that are only available to those who utilise our online shopping database. With so much value for money out there, you’ll be sure to cut your grocery costs dramatically.

Another benefit of our virtual marketplace is the ability to add various deals from different supermarkets to your basket and compare them against one another. Find out who is offering the most value on their deals and then let the shopping frenzy begin! It’s that easy. 

Non catalogue specials

Don't forget to find the deals in Coles that are not in the catalogue this week. Our mySavvy Find Team goes out every week to scout for worthwhile deals that you should know about.